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Our history



"Bordery is committed to the manufacture of works from French production . We recycle used barrels and shavings from castles in the Bordeaux region to create unique and responsible products .
All our barrels have been produced in France, we give them a second life in our workshop in the Bordeaux region. All of our paints and products respect the environment . "

This start-up was born from a question between two engineering students from Bordeaux, how are recycled  the different vinification products after aging of the wine?

We are in a world famous wine region. We have known the barrel since our childhood without paying particular attention to it. This object is omnipresent in the region, even in our garden as a simple flower pot or even in a historic family bar.  

After various experiences in the industry, especially in a cooperage, we made the decision to embark on the creation of Bordery.  

Through our concept we want to provide a recycling solution to wine partners , and offer our customers unique and responsible products.

Make a piece of furniture, a barrel standing table, lighting, there is no shortage of ideas to give barrels the second life they deserve, and to turn them into art work.

Whether on the barbecue or in the kitchen, our oak smoking products will convince you with their subtle flavors. Check out our recipes for more ideas!  


A moment of conviviality

Through our concept, I want to create real moments of conviviality around our products: a barbecue with friends with our smoking chips, tasted on a personalized barrel!

Maxime Bets

Tailor-made projects

Bordery stands out in the recycling world  elements of  vinification ,  with creations based on typical Bordeaux products and made in France.

We are proud to support all our clients, professionals and individuals alike, in all their culinary or decorative projects in the world of wine.

Quentin Borderes
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